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Though I plan to post new fanfic on my DW journal in the future, I thought it a bit too much to repost everything that's already on LiveJournal. So, here's a list with links and descriptions of the fics I've posted on my LJ.


Crazy Vampires (2/2): Spike comes to ask Angel what’s up with Gunn. Angel/Spike, mentions Gunn. Takes place during Angel season 5. Follows Crazy Vampires (1/2). PG-13.

Crazy Vampires (1/2): Gunn comes to Angel’s office with some questions. Angel, Gunn; implied Angel/Spike. Takes place during Angel season 5. Could be seen as a sequel to Fighting. Followed by Crazy Vampires (2/2). PG-13.

Fighting: Angel and Spike are fighting again, with some unexpected results. Angel/Spike. Angel season 5. Crazy Vampires could be seen as a sequel to this. PG-13.


The Tie: House is wearing a tie and Wilson wants to know why. House/Wilson (pre-)slash. Takes place somewhere in season 6, when House and Wilson are living together. PG-13.

TV Night: This is not an ordinary TV night. House/Wilson. PG.

Gryffindors: Kutner keeps thinking about Harry Potter. Kutner, implied House/Wilson (and Sirius/Remus). Takes place during episode 5.17: The Social Contract. PG.

Prospective Dating: Wilson thinks House needs to start dating again and gets some surprising news. House/Wilson friendship or pre-slash. PG/PG-13.

Mythology and Folklore:

A Fairy in the North: Loki explains how an elf like him came to be a Norse god. Character: Loki. Norse mythology and British Folklore. Sequel to Over the Sea. PG.

Over the Sea: Loki explains something about his heritage. Character: Loki. Norse mythology and British folklore. Followed by A Fairy in the North. PG.

Inanna's Descent: Ereshkigal remembers Inanna’s attempts at gaining power over Death. Characters: Ereshkigal, mention of Inanna; Ereshkigal/Dumuzi and Inanna/Dumuzi implied. Sumerian mythology. PG.

The Brothers Wolf: The (ill) adventures of three fairy tale wolves. Based on Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf And The Seven Young Kids and Three Little Pigs. This is an approximate translation of De Gebroeders Wolf, which was written in Dutch. Gen.

De Gebroeders Wolf: De lotgevallen van drie sprookjeswolven. Gebaseerd op de sprookjes Roodkapje, De Wolf en de Zeven Geitjes en De Drie Biggetjes. The Brothers Wolf is the English translation of this fic. Gen.

Crossroads: A man comes to the crossroads to make a deal with the devil. Characters: A werewolf and the devil. Werewolf lore. PG.

The Twelfth Labour: Cerberus becomes the subject of Heracles’s heroic acts. Characters: Cerberus and Heracles. Greek Mythology. PG.

Prometheus vs. Zeus: Zeus's actions towards mankind as seen through the eyes of Prometheus. Characters: Prometheus, Zeus. Greek Mythology. Gen.

Achilles Heel: Loki remembers how he got a certain idea. Characters: Loki, mentions of Balder, Hod, Apollo, Achilles and Paris. Brief mention of Loki/Apollo. Norse and Greek mythology. PG.


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