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2010-09-06 04:44 pm
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Art on LiveJournal

Here's a picspam of the (fan)art I've posted on my LJ account.

Lestat & Louis )

*iz ded* )

Art )

Aziraphale )

Crowley )

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2010-09-05 01:26 am

Fic on LiveJournal

Though I plan to post new fanfic on my DW journal in the future, I thought it a bit too much to repost everything that's already on LiveJournal. So, here's a list with links and descriptions of the fics I've posted on my LJ.

Buffyverse )

House )

Mythology and Folklore )
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2010-09-03 03:55 pm
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First Entry!

Hello people! Like it says in the title, this is my first post to my Dreamwidth account. Right now, there isn't much yet, but I plan to make this a parallel journal to my LJ one (which is here).  This journal is still under construction, until I have found my way around DW.