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Art on LiveJournal

Here's a picspam of the (fan)art I've posted on my LJ account.

Lestat & Louis

Here is some fanart I made for Lestat and Louis from the Vampire Chronicles, not based on the movies, but on musicians that made me think of the characters.


Lestat Rocks!_small Beautiful Louis_small

Lestat rocks!

Lestat rocks!

Robert Plant (from Led Zeppelin) as Lestat in his Monsieur le Rockstar period. I can imagine Lestat wearing something like this. It gives me a better mental imagine than those hair metal bands from the eighties.

Beautiful Louis

Beautiful Louis

Somehow, in my head, Nick Drake and Louis de Pointe du Lac have merged together a bit. They have the same kind of feel. Anyway, the original picture made me think of Louis, so I went with that.

*iz ded*

Here are some pictures I made based on a probably not very original idea I had. The only way to get it out of my head was to go through with it. It came down to adding the LOLspeak text *iz ded* to pictures of something like a skeleton or a tombstone. I did both, to a certain extent using images I found on the internet. Here's the result.

A skeleton:

skeleton iz ded

A tombstone:

iz ded

And here are some icons based on the above pictures.
skeleton iz ded iconiz ded icon 1iz ded icon 2


Since the writing is going slow, I thought it would be an idea to post a picture I made recently. This way, there's at least some way to show that I have been doing something all this time. :-)


Above is an icon shaped preview. The actual picture will be shown below.


I'm not sure anyone cares, but here is a description of how this picture has come about. The basis for this is an extremely unfocused (and therefore useless) photo I had on my computer. In Photoshop I traced the most important lines in black and then colored practically everything in again. Also, there's been some adjustment to the size of the original picture. Um, yeah, that was some extremely "interesting" information, wasn't it? Anyway, mission completed.


Below is a picture of Aziraphale from Good Omens to accompany the picture of Crowley I posted earlier. The setting could be viewed as the Garden of Eden, with Aziraphale ready to offer his burning sword to the newly created humans.

(I'm aware of the fact that the proportions of Aziraphale's body aren't entirely right and the flames of the sword aren't all that flame-y, but I hope the overall effect is still alright.
The background is practically the same as the one I used for Crowley. I had a different background for Aziraphale first, but this one was better.)


Below, you'll see a picture I made of Crowley from Good Omens. I situated it in the Garden of Eden, where Crowley was still known as Crawley. He is in snake form (partially) and ready to give the famous apple to Eve, though Eve is nowhere in the picture.

(I'm aware of the fact that Crowley's hair isn't normally green, but it worked better here. I added the red "aura of evilness" because Crowley would fade into the background otherwise.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Good Omens, the Vampire Chronicles, Nick Drake or Robert Plant.